Miss Eco International features a captivating competition format comprising five exciting events

  • Welcome Ceremony Press Conference: The launch of contestants from all nations, offering audiences the chance to meet and get to know them together.
  • Resort Wear: Contestants showcase their walking abilities and style in lightweight, breathable resort wear, perfect for tropical or vacation destinations.
  • Talent Show: Individuals or groups demonstrate their skills in singing, dancing, acting, or other performing arts in front of an audience and judges, aiming to entertain and showcase their talent.
  • Preliminary Competition: This integral part of the competition includes the Eco Dress competition, introduced by Eco International Pageants for the first time ever in a beauty pageant. Here, contestants showcase their creativity with dresses made from recycled materials, emphasizing the importance of recycling. The preliminary competition also features the Evening Gown segment and one-by-one self-introductions.
  • Final Show: A culmination of performances and storytelling, including the National Costume Competition where contestants display their country’s uniqueness and identity through their costumes. The event features opening dances, top 21 selections, Q&A sessions, top 11 announcements, Continent special awards, and the crowning moment. Additionally, the Close Interview Session allows judges to assess contestants’ thoughts, attitudes, personality, and knowledge through interviews conducted by the President of Miss Eco International Organization and the judges committee.