About Us

The Eco International Pageants, established by Dr. Amaal Rezk, who serves as the founder, CEO, owner, and chairman, comprises two divisions: Miss Eco International and Miss Eco Teen. Additionally, Dr. Amal Rezk holds the position of Special Advisor Envoy of the Secretary-General at IIMSAM, an IGO observer of the United Nations ECOSOC in New York.

Dr. Amal Rezk established Miss Eco International in 2015 under the auspices of IIMSAM – United Nations’ Special Envoy in Egypt, with a vision to champion any issue concerning human affairs effectively through a common media-driven mechanism, such as a “Beauty Pageant” with a “Humanitarian Face,” aimed at garnering public support.

The primary goal of this contest is to select the most outstanding ECO Queen to advocate for eco-tourism and sustainability worldwide, while also advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Presently, the competition spans across 85 countries worldwide under the theme “Beauty for a Purpose: The Environment.”

The winner of Miss Eco International assumes the role of spokesperson for the IIMSAM Youth UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Miss Eco International

Angelina Usanova, a 26-year-old Ukrainian eco-activist, philanthropist, musician, and yoga master, crowned Miss Universe Ukraine 2023 and Miss Eco International 2024, embodies a commitment to sustainability and humanitarianism.

From childhood surrounded by educators, she emerged as a leader in environmental and charity projects. Her journey encompasses diverse pursuits, from music composition to biotechnology studies in Switzerland, where she volunteered with refugees and engaged in wildlife conservation.

Deeply influenced by yoga, she attained the title of Yoga Acharya in India amidst Ukraine’s conflict. Angelina’s endeavours extend to literature, focusing on children’s education and veganism advocacy.

Amidst accolades and media recognition, her passion for effecting positive change remains unwavering, epitomized by her dedication to ecological preservation and humanitarian efforts.

Miss Eco International 2024 Angelina Usanova of Ukraine